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Synopsis : The Oath Of The Vayuputras


Shiva’s lost friend Brahaspati was The secret of the Nagas. “Why?” He asked. Shiva couldn’t believe Brashaspati created the illusion of his own death & destroyed Mount Mandar. “Somras is evil” Cited Brahaspati.

Somras: The Evil
“Good and evil are two sides of the same coin”, Shiva remembered the Lord Manu words. Any invention is having both positive and negative effects. To balance the equation and force in the nature, the greatest good always become the greatest evil. The boons of the somras is transforming into the curse. The Nagas and plague of Branga are the consequences of the intense practice of Somras

In the name of greater good
Lord Brhigu aligned the Meluhans and Ayodhayan Kingdom to fight for Somras against Neetkanth. Brhigu believe somras is still serving the good for India. On another hand Shiva shifted against somras. He decided to take a stand for the Nagas and the people of Brangas If circumstances come across war.

The tribe of Vishnu
Shiva met with the Vasudevs in concern to conclude about the evil. Gopal the chief tribe of Vasudevs assisted and the conclusion reveal war is approaching nearby. Vasudevs also came to know about the truth of emerging Shiva out of wind as Neelkanth. Shiva was also stunned by the truth of being a Vayuputras: The tribe of Lord Rudra.


Preparation of War
Shiva aligned with the Brangas, Nagas, Vasudevs and King of lothal for the war against the Meluhans & Ayodhayan.The proclamation to ban somras also has been distributed and held high on the temples, with the help of Vasudevs pandit. Pravateshwar opted to fight for Meluha. Shiva also tried to shake hands with Magadh but, Ended up in a fight with Kartik and Magadians at Bal-ati-kund. Katik arose victorious, get titled as the lord of the war. On other hand, In Meluha. Daksha claim the proclamation as false. Bhrigu and Parvateshwar are planning the strategy for the war. Shiva conquered the Mrittikavti. And decided to navigate to meet Ganesh and Kartik. Meanwhile Sati has to march for Devagiri.

Before The Battle
“Lady Sati was still alive… pulled abroad one of the retreating ship” cited Vasudev pandit. Shiva baffled, eyes transfixed over the hilly battlefield in south of Devagiri. Sati’s army tasted defeat, on the edge of Devagiri. Shiva decide to retreat lothal.

The Vayuputras
“The Vayuputras” said Shiva
“Yes” answered Gopal
At lothal, Shiva and Vasudevs decided sailed towards The Pariha. Leaving sati in charge, to meet the Vayuputras council for help. Mithra: the chief agreed to give Pashupatiashtra instead Bhramastra to Shiva.

The conspiracy of bilateral talks.
Daksha invited Shiva’s convoy to make peace. Sati as in charge decided to go along with Nandi and other hundered bodyguards to attend the peace conference.Daksha cut off the nose to spite the face. His planned assassinators killed his own daughter Sati in the battle, outskirts of Meluha.

The rage of the Neelkanth
“Stay here sati, I’ll be back soon” Shiva wishpered in the ear of sati. He already made his mind to destroy The Meluha. Shiva loaded the lethal nuclear Pashupatiashtra aimed to the center of the city and mounted the attack. His space between brow throbbing and burning, burst out, blood oozing from.

The legacy saved
Kartik on the other side tried to protect he knowledge of the Somras, as he knows that world might need it again. He saved Maharishi Bhrigu along with the scientist responsible for manufacturing somras and decided to open up once Shiva’s anger take a nap.

In the last.
Shiva reviving his life on the bank of Mansarover Lake, in grief. His throbbing brow doesn’t hurt anymore. It turns out black, in shape of eye, Kali named it as the third eye of Shiva. Shiva isolates himself from the pleasure, He forbade the ethereal dancing. His heart never found the happiness again. Nobody saw Shiva smiling ever again. Apart, one day when he was going to merge with elements, that day Shiva was satisfied thinking, he will meet sati once again, the day Shiva’s soul, decided to leave the mortal body.

Shubham Kumar Bharti

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Shiva Trilogy: Things We Can Learn From

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Shiva Trilogy: Things We Can Learn From

  1. Faith conqueror all

It isn’t the legend itself, it was faith, in Neelkanth that nourishes Neelkanth.

  1. Karma Matter

Shiva didn’t believe about past karma but he always believe in present.

  1. Problem? – Find Yourself

Shiva has to locate evil all by himself.

  1. Solution

Automatically comes out then.

  1. Good is Evil

“What is the next greater good and when will it become evil.”

Evil doesn’t popup it’s always there.

  1. Universe Maintain Balance

Sum of equation is always equal to zero. If we remove Good before the time or after the, it creates instability.

  1. Two faces of coinAngry-Lord-Shiva-Tandav-Desktop-Image-HD.jpg

‘Somras’ or anything in world has both impacts good and evil. Find the good and you may reach evil.

  1. Truth is impactful

Ganesh & Kali turn up the whole story.

  1. Love comes from respect

There is a difference between respect and protect.

  1. Don’t give up

“Where’s the damn somras? I’ll save you Sati.”

  1. Opposite attracts

Anandmayi and Parvateswar are perfect couple.

  1. “Stoicism can Be Irritating

Ganesh “Said Kali

  1. “Anger is enemy control it!”
  2. There is your truth & my truth. Nothing is called as universal truth.


  1. Delusion create the most compelling belief.
  2. One can’t allow a bad to arrest, the wheel of karma

You simply can’t arrest, arresting is also a karma.

  1. There is always a winner and a loser

It’s a fact there is, Devas was loser to Asuras/Ahuras

  1. Sometimes for the sake of larger good, one has to do something that might not appear right at a time

god_s_pain__part_2____sati_dies_and_shiva_cries_by_bhargav08-d9a4fii.jpg“I’ll avenge you”…….Pashupatiashtra …..

  1. You should do, what needs to be done.

‘Dharma matih udgitah’ Dhrama is that which is we judged by your mind.


Synopsis: The Oath Of The Vayuputra ………………. Will out soon.

Shubham Kumar Bharti

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Synopsis: The Secret Of The Nagas

Shiva is on run to find Nagas and destroy the evil. In chase with Nagas Shiva found a coin having two river and a crescent moon. After victory over Chandravansi (Immortals of Meluha). Shiv declared Daksha emperor of India. He come to know about Chandravansi’s believe in legend Of Neelkanth. He investigate about the Nagas & the Coin in Ayodhya, Every ball, point in the same direction, Kashi.

Kashi :

Book Cover

Shiva understand that the truth of coin abode in Kashi. & Bhranga. Entourage moved to Kashi.The King of Kashi was a true believer of the  Neelkanth. He offered Shiva the kingdom. Kashi was made temporary home by Shiva. Sati gave birth to Kartika. Divodas, Leader of Bhranga clan residing in Kashi Told Shiva about the plague & aid received by Nagas.With the help of Divodas Shiva finally reach Bhranga, Leaving Sati in Kashi.

Bhranga & Prashuram:

“I can’t tell you about Nagas, unless you find a different source for medicine” cited King of Bhranga. Shiva found an alternative ‘Parshuram’, a bandit. Who can make the same drug that Nagas do.

Kali, Ganesh & Sati

In Kashi, Sati planned to assassinate the Tigress & Liger by herself. In the course intrepid Nagas join the fight. Liger was out! Sati confront the truth about Kali & Ganesh. They all Returned to Kashi.

Shiva’s Hunt Stopped

Shiva returned to Kashi. Sati told about Kali & Ganesha. Shiva went impatient to meet Sati’s sister & His new son. Shiva identifies the Naga “YOUR SON KILLED BRAHASPATI” screamed Shiva

In Search of Truth

Daksha hasty appearance breaching protocol leave Shiva bewildered. Shiva want answer. Why?     Daksha in silence followed by haughtiness “You did this, You Choreographed This (…) Bhrigu was right. Those Vasudevs have control over you”

Next Stop Panchvati:

Ganesha finally agreed to tell The Secret of Nagas to Shiva. On way To Panchvati, Entourage was attacked. General ‘Parvateshwar’ & Prince ‘Bhagirath’ scrutiny the ships for the traces of an unknown enemy.

Brahaspati’s comeback

Shiva is in the school for The Secret of the Nagas headed towards Library. “The secret is not a Thing, It’s a Man” cited Kali. It was Brahaspati. The secret was Brahaspati

To be continued……..

(The Oath of the Vayuputas)

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Synopsis: Immortals Of Meluha

India has been rich vis-à-vis literature since primordial time. In 2010 again, Amish Tripathi popup with his debut The Shiva Trilogy, including Immortals of Meluha, The Secret Of The Nagas & The Oath Of The Vayuputra.

Book Cover

Amish recreation of the Indian deity The Lord Shiva is impeccable. It’s a journey of the man who was unaware of his destiny, To be a Lord,To be a Savior.

The   orange sky declaring a sunset of Shiva’s misery  & Dawn of the new story.”The gunas, Shiva’s tribe are in  confrontation with The pakrati for survival. So, Shiva finally agreed on Nandi’s offer to check in Meluha, unaware of everything.

Iridescent blue neck :

Shiva was bewildered, Unable to explicate.”He has come,Neelkantha has come”Shiva baffled on Nandi’s word.The legend was kept secret from  Shiva  until he  reached Devagiri.

God’s abode :

On way to Devagiri, Shiva met Sati,(His love), battle with Nagas & Came to know about Nandi’s unusual age.At Devagiri, He got some answers about Nandi’s age as Somras & The Ledgend Of The Neelkanth, The destroyer of evil. Shiva  misled by daksha,Father of Sati & Emperor of Meluha.Shiva decided to visit Mount Mandar, The manufacturing area for somras.

Vikarma :

Vikarma are forsaken group, claimed as doing penance for their past lives sin. Shiva didn’t  understand the motive of the law .Sati was also a vikarma.Later Vikarma law was changed by Neelkanth.

Shiva’s Marriage  & Attack on Mount Mandar

Shiva and Sati gets married after the amendment In law.Brihaspati, Cheif scientist of Mount Mandar , Friend Of shiva leave for Mount Mandar

Attack on Mount Mandar :

Nagas attack on Mount Mandar with Daivi astra’s & destroys Mount Mandar.On Hard bong, Shiva  realized about Brihaspati. There’s a view of massacre  in Mount Mandar, Nagas were alleged for attack. Shiva found  aum (OM) symbol of the Nagas there.

Battle with Chandravanshi :

Shiva was flummoxed  didn’t know what to do again Daksha silver tounge, persuaded Shiva to battle for Meluha against Chandravanshi claiming Chandravanshi ally with Nagas ,Shiva’s Persuasive speech  about.Har  Har Mahdev ! Unleash the innermost zeal of every Meluhan warriors at the battle field Leading to victory.But, By the time Shiva realised, There were no Nagas. Amid Story Shiva also met Vasudevs various time,A group of intellectuals,who broaden the perspective of Shiva  vis-à-vis locating Evil

To be continued …..

(The Secret of the Nagas)