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5 Rules. Why to work Only 5 days a week and 5th one as Half Day

There is a reason Behind the most of the world is accepting this 36 Hour Rule. No matter, the service is 24×7. Rotational Shifts strategy makes the same. As Indian media person I feel for them & me A SHIFT OF 9 HOURS. REALLY !!!!Come on, Speak for It Man

Come on, Speak for It Man

But the question is still out Why ONLY 36 Hours.

Well Let’s see

  1. Family Comes First

Family, Doesn’t sound important to you? कुटुंबकं जीवनं मम or I say Family is my LIFE. Actually, it’s not just about being a child, not even about being a father or mother or someone’s wife. It’s about TIME. How much you spend with them. How much you utilize/socialize yourself with them, That’s family. But in 9 hours shift in 6 weekdays. It seems impossible to spend any time with family. You rather found Yourself in bed which your body actually needs. I like to improvise NEED doesn’t want. Apart, your duty doesn’t end in the organization, you have duties towards family too.

  1. “You’re Not a Machine, Human“

The human body is the entire structure of a human being, composed of many different types of cells that create tissues and subsequently organ systems (wiki). Doesn’t the BOLD Words sound correct? I guess you’re humans and not a donkey. (#nooffence to PETA). Let’s be clear a bit more, each day your cells die and regenerate, Better while you sleep. Sleep is a requirement to be Healthy, Physically as well as Mentally. But in this case either you sleep or compromise with the 1st one

  1. That’s Physical, Now let’s Talk Mental

निरामयमनः निरामयशरीरे. In Sanskrit, it states a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. And it is true fact. A Drunk person who has an overdose of alcohol might look healthy though he isn’t. same goes with workaholics. After a period of rest, your mind refreshes yourself and you can come up with better Ideas, content and utilizes yourself better, at the end of the day you’re a human resource.

  1. One life one chance, Less Time

एकं जीवनम्, एकः अवसरः The theory of rebirth might be correct but, any way you will not remember yourself, You will also not named as You. And believe me on this, There are still lots of things to do, a way more things to do. DO IT NOW, ELSE DON’T REGRET

  1. Be realistic in Life

Be realistic in life, That’s It. It really Doesn’t need a description. NOT AT ALL.

एतदपि परिवर्तिष्यते – This too will change. Change Takes time, and for having a change that can cause the stir, You have to go easy. So let’s say not 36, 40 hrs is enough. Cause 2 Days are counted as weekends, NOT ONE.

If you agree, Share it as much you can So it can reach to Everyone’s HR and at least they read.


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Flash That Actually can’t Run !!!

Based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen / Flash, a costumed superhero crime-fighter/ advisior who has ablity to move at superhuman speeds has a spin-off. HE CAN’T RUN. He is Stating what actually he can’t run from  in the same fictional universe. The series follows Flash in which he uses his mouth to state HE CAN’T RUN

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