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आपातकाल जरुरी है। Emergency is essential.

दिल्ली की हवा गन्दी तो हुई है, बिलकुल हुई है। मैं इस बात से वाकिफ हूँ,लेकिन इस हवा ने जर्नलिज्म को भी गन्दा किया है। जर्नलिज्म, शुद्ध, पवित्र तो ये सदा से ही नहीं रही. परन्तु इसमें प.म. २.५ जैसे कणों के मिलने के बाद और भी मैली हो गयी है, और इनका मकसद भी इसी बीच कहीं गुम सा हो गया है।  लोगों को अब बहला – फुसला कर  जैसे एक नेता अपने वोट बटोरता है वैसे ये अपने व्यूअर बटोर रहे है। उनकी सहानुभूति के साथ खिलवाड़ किया जा रहा है।  इसी बीच जनता जिसको इसकी निहायत जरूरत है, वो भी पिसी जा रही है।  आलोचना , व् लाल छन का मंजर सा छीर चूका है।  अगर  आप सरकार के सही काम की भी तारीफ कर दे, तो आपको भक्त, चमचा जैसे उम्दा शब्दों से नवाज़ा जायेगा और अगर वास्तविक गलत मालूम हो रही चीज़ को थोड़ा नकार दे, तो आपको एंटी-नेशनल, टेररिस्ट सुनने को मिलेगा।

जौर्नालिस्म का  तो यह आलम है, की  सेंसेशन से भी उठ, या युँ कह गिर कर  घिनौने कगार  पर पहुँच चूका है। लोग इनके बातों में आ के ये भूल जाते है की , जैसे अथॉरिटी पर सवाल उठाने का हक़ इन्हें है।  तो अथॉरिटी को भी इनसे सवाल करने की जरूरत है।  अगर आप एक से भी  यह हक़ छीनते है तो दूसरा हमारे  समाज को विनाश की ओर अग्रसर करता है।  अगर संवेदनशील, गुप्त जानकारी जिससे देशहित का नुकसान हो या मातृभूमि को संकट हो, और लोगों को यह आपतकाल लगे तो यह आपातकाल जरूरी है।  यह  तबतक जरूरी है जब तक लोग  अपने विचारधारा को एक दिशा न दें दे।  दूसरों की बात में आने से पहले एक बार खुद उस विषय पर खुद परामर्श न कर ले। अब जरूरत है आत्मचिंतन की और खुद से सवाल करने की; ये कैसी पत्रकारिता है ?


I know Delhi’s air has been polluted, extremely polluted, But the wind was so messy it’s also affected journalism. Journalism have never been flawless either, contaminated with various issues always. Period. But now, it’s also losing motive and importance in his own chaos. Using silver tongue over fickle minded people, irony, Isn’t it? But this tactic of a leader also emanated the journalist, and people are suffering amid both. Apart, the indecision arose between good and bad karma of government, Vomiting any views over it, Capische !, Awards and title were fixed already. Anti- national and Bhakta are few of them.

Journalism has its own song, From the motive to get freedom for India, Yellow journalism and now this. It’s already set a milestone. Amid people forgot if they have power to challenge authority. The authority has same and believe me on this, making any of them omnipotent and the society march towards destruction. If a sensitive information leads to loss for country, and you call an action emergency, well then emergency is needed. It is needed until people start mobilizing their opinion into a bigger cause for nation’s sake. It’s needed until people lose their nature of being persuaded, and think. It’s necessity to introspect and answer; what kind of journalism we are pursuing?

Shubham Bharti

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Glory Of the Mahaparv

“Phele pahil ham kaili, Chhat Maiya barat tohar, Kariha Chama Chhat Maiya, bhul chuk galti hamar”

Chhat mahaparv, the holiest, sacred, auspicious, pure, virtuous, and traditional festive celebrated in UP East and Bihar. Chhat sets itself apart from other pujas or any of the festival. It’s quite different. It is believed that four-day festival is little difficult to peruse, the mahaparv examine your body and mind, hence some individuals claims it as Hatha Yog. It’s so sacred that the fruits as well other, like ginger, turmeric, sugarcane, etc. Whatever offering required for the rituals get a toll, in price, respect and comes in the name of Chhat Puja, Normal fruit market is no more. Even those platforms which usually dipped inside the blood of the chicken and muttons are now covered with the leaf of banana and sugarcanes. The road is spruced up like a bride on the first night. Religion breaks its boundary.12265868_908698785880883_9017100095956908896_o

Origin of Chhat:

There are various stories related to the origin of Chhat. I’ll go with the one I heard growing up, I don’t usually bow down my heads in seek of, or in exchange. But, devotion of the devotee made me to do so. Enjoying the virtue of every moment made me to do so, and why shouldn’t I. Well, I’ll tell you the same story my maternal grandmother did.

“There’s a maharishi suffering from Kusta rog i.e. leprosy. His wife started Yagna to cure her husband. Maharishi and her wife fasted for and worshipped Maa ganga and Surya dev. Performing every ritual in four days.”

The very first day is termed as Nahay khay or Arwa Arwain in which, house and surroundings are thoroughly cleaned. The ladies observing the Vrata called vratin or parvaitin allow themselves no meal or only a single meal for the day.

As the day passed, the festival got momentum, Delicious Kheer, Puri and Rasia is prepared with the holy water of Ganga as offering to God. The day is called as Lohanda or Kharna.

From very first second of the third day again, vratin go on fast, offerings were made to please lord Surya. And at eve, offered to the sun which is just about to set, standing within mighty Ganga. The day is reffered as Pehli Arag or Sandhya Arag

On the Final day, the devotee visits river bank before the sun rises. To please the rising Sun. Morning Offering or Usha Arag ends after vratin, wash your face with the attire she wore while offering.12240822_908699792547449_4005038388633015022_o

“Maharishi was blessed while his wife wash off the face with her attire.”

Other say different story.

long ago, king named Priyavrat and his wife Malini were living very happily, but they have no child. They decided to do Yagna with help of Maharishi Kashyap to be blessed with a child. His wife became pregnant as the effect of Yagna. But she conceives dead child. King was very sad and decided to suicide. Suddenly, a Goddess appeared there. Goddess said that, I am a Goddess Chhati, if someone would offer puja to me with pure mind and soul, he would get a child. The king, Priyavrat did the same and get blessed with a very beautiful child. Since then, people started celebrating the chhath puja.

Story of Karna:

Some Believe that Chhat was started by the Suryaputra Karna, who did special Puja on Sasthi and Saptmi of Shukla i.e. period when moon is waxing in the month Kartika. Karna was held to rule the kingdom Aanga referred as modern Bhagalpur, it was said that people followed the ritual of the King and the Chhat came to existence.

Story of Lord ram:

Apart this, in Treta, When Suryavanshi’s  i.e. descendants of the lord surya, Lord ram returns after the killing of Demon king Raavan. He worshipped Lord Surya and get blessed before claiming his throne.

Despite of the various facts related to origin of Chhat. The name only unites us, and is performed almost in same manner around the globe. Propagated from a very small region of India, Chhat Goes with the individuals.

Chhat is better in many other way like from aspects of science. It is said that Ganga washes you sin, don’t know but scientist say still ganga as pure water bodies having several minerals which is useful for human soul. As well, minuscule exposure to radiation of sun cure various skin Infections. And the fresh breeze detoxifies the body and improve blood oxygen level resulting young skin and age rectifies a bit. From the aspects of psychology, it fulfil mental appetite of calmness and solace.

Well, I enjoy this festival most, due to fabulous, tasty, awesome, lingering, delicious Kheer , Puri, and due to the Fruits which is offered to Lord Surya and he never eat. Apart the breeze of air at the bank was just too good to describe into words and the priceless feeling when you swim around the ganga is just calming my soul. Personally, I believe it’s the only festival where righteous is worshipped. The one is fire and pure who provides light, the other is water and can purify you.

Wising You a memorable, awesome, amazing, and rejuvenating Chhat puja and Chhat have still lot more to talk about

Shubham Bharti