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In The Eyes Of Disbelief

I am known for offending others with my post on Facebook. But today, something hit me, something I couldn’t believe, something unacceptable. Meanwhile, it also states that, if I would be popular as Tanmay Bhat, I also land up in controversies.Screenshot001.jpg

Let me ask you something, before I continue with my story.

Why are jest & pun made for?

No, you are wrong. It makes people laugh until it wasn’t on them. No sooner the turns change, they flee or get offended. But, jokes, puns, jest, are made to entertain, to make laugh, not to offend. And believe me, apart from the “why chicken doesn’t cross the road?” there’s some more humorous, which is meant to be, on me, you and us.

In my case there’s a different story, which make your eyes, to get frowned in disbelief. I somehow touched the thin line.Screenshot (2).jpg

“Dear Penis, Thanks for not bleeding once a month, Sincerely, Every Man Ever.” I posted

And this hit the line of sexism and hurtled the sentiments of women. By women, I mean Indian Women, one who deserve to be respectful. One who also wants to be equal as man, but the question arose here How?

Adjoining my wit, I came up with the possible reason for its may never going to happen.

We made everything taboo in India, the same place where Kama sutra is discovered, and the same place where Temple of Khajuraho depicts the art of sex.

But now, I see a girl terrified, asking herself, “Am I going to die? What the hell is happening to me?” Didn’t had the potential to ask even her mother for a while, so just forgot about to discuss in family.

I see a boy getting into irrelevant knowledge from his friend, which isn’t going to help him anyway in life. I see him watching porn, indulging himself in the munificence.

And all you thought in sex education, was 15 minutes and you can’t even ask a question, because the class is going to last, plus they select the terms of archaic like ‘sexual congress’ or the one you can’t understand easily.


“…because you aren’t allowed here” sounds familiar

If a women is said to be impure during certain times of a calendar, then I am born impure, and that imperfection I don’t want to wash. I will turn myself to atheism. I forbade the way to temple. I see no god but only my mother.

You Complain, but don’t want to stand up. Your feeling transpire on Nirbhaya’s Case what about the other 24,932 in the same year? What about the female feticide happening around you or with you? Are you really alive? I think you a zombie, the walking dead. You just know to complain. Ever tried to stand up. Yeah a few of you are there. I admire that. I Respect you. Some of them succeed some failed still carrying the arrogance at least.

“…I deserve reservation” Really? Do you. I am not asking the girls, the women of far village. I am asking the one who may be reading this right now in her AC bedroom enjoying her life with her husband. By the way, I really think you do because, you never stand up for even what’s right.

“… Sir, But she also didn’t completed her homework then why just me?” because in her pronoun there’s an ‘S’. Of course! That not the problem. The problem is you accepted that. That willingness that ‘I am weak’, that worm ruined your thought. That reveal yours Dual standards. You aren’t stand by on your side even.

‘The pun I was talking about’. I never got offended on these jest, thou I got charged for a joke. Clearly, made an offence by, talking about the holy periodic fall.  I don’t want to know why? Since I know “we don’t talk sex in public.”

I want to know, why we don’t talk sex in public. Why a joke is taken as an offence?  Why we create a chaos? And why exaggerate a simple joke that meant to laugh?  We all discuss the same joke in our age group, accept that.

“Nah! It’s not for child”   That thing is to be decided by child, just accompany your wit with. Talk with them, become their friend. Up bring them with your Knowledge, Experiences & Mistake, Let them decide.

Shubham Kumar Bharti



Freelance Writer/ Blogger, Production & Journalism Student, Bachelor in Mass Communication - Guru Jambheshwar University

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