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Bihari: The farcical abusive words that makes me proud

‘Wrinkled brown face with a rig over the shoulder, uncouth, ill-dressed and doesn’t really know how to speak.’images

After surviving two years in a city which tags itself as ‘Dilwalon ki Delhi.’ I discovered the prejudice face, hypocrisy, hatred and disgust for Biharis. Commencing my scheduled route daily, I often see people remarking Bihari as an abusive word. Earlier, it make me furious and livid. Now, all I do is laugh at their idiocy and unethical approach.

The mirage of unity in diversity starts fading. As a logical & ethical approach, through the constitution of India which enlist in article 19(e). To reside and settle in any part of territory of India and (g). To practice any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business. The idiocy should be abolished.

Having such a great and rich history Bihar creates a mark. Starting from the kingdom of Anga, from Where India gets a new recognition as Angadesh to the movement of Champaran. Bihar Saw, World’s first republic; Vaishali, Aryabhatta, Ashoka- The Great, The Chanakya, Guru Gobind Singh and The Nalanda University. Apart, various writers and artist like Sayed Hasan, Vidhyapati and Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. Imtiaz Ali (Jamshedpur, Bihar’71) and Mika Singh Showcase the collection.

Do you know?

Dr. Rajendra Prasad, India’s first president was actually a Bihari.

From here,The absurd, abusive slang, quite popular, makes me feel proud & respectable.

But, What about others, do they feel same?

I conclude a theory on reaction and repercussion, on practicing the slang for a long period and it’s Impact over society, more precisely India.

Either situation will get reversed somewhere in future. “Sorry for Harsh words you arsehole, but you are a Gujjar, Douchebag.” or, Overriding there sentiments till the line. We may create a new group of separatist on basis of region.

Choice is yours….

“An eye for an eye, makes whole world blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi



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