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The Good, Inside Evil

The sky growling with light like dipped in blood. Winds rustling through the gush of mountain. Everything in haste. Suddenly winds changed their radiant, a dark reddish brown winds clutter forming a hooded figure.

635995244393404007568025242_evil-bunny-rabbit-drawing-artistic-1920x1200-wallpaper87781His eyes red, dipped into the blood of the souls. A tranquil wee squared wrinkled half- hooded face covered with mask, He seems like a warrior, a fierce slaying machine, to lean on the ground watching the horizon. His scars gleaming in the gaze of light.

“What are you thinking my son?” Voice asked

The warrior changed his gaze towards voice.

A white figure fade in, out of the winds. One hand stretched towards the son, to offer help. The notable iridescent bluewhite lustrous face triumphing his achievements.angel-shadow

Warrior stepped back

“Why it’s me? Why father? , Why? Why am I Evil? What’s my fault?

“I love you my child, and you are counter force, humanity can’t survive without you, and you’re eternal.”

“But, I don’t want to be Evil.”

“You are not Evil, My child, you just depict it.”

“But everyone knows I am Evil, everybody says that.”

“Find out what you are? Why were you born? What is motive of your life?”

“Hmm. Fathe…” The figure disappeared by the time.

Am I the Evil? Really?

Then why he serve me same, like my brother Good? , Why he is always there for help?

Why he always say me a counter force and not Evil?

“Hey brother! Where have you been?” A white gowned winged man fade in sky, his hair hprucqlong milky white, hands covered with blue bracelet, deep oceanic blue eyes and a golden floating ring on his head. He seems just hitting the adulthood.

Evil ignored the question.

“It’s time my brother, it’s time to restore a new Good.”

Evil frowned.

Good understands what is he about to questioned.

“Yes! I’ll destroy you, And you will born again.”

“As a new Good.” cited Evil

“You know that, you will be the next Evil.”

“Yes! I do.”

“Even thou you want to kill, why?”

“Not because it’s my task, but I understand.”

“Understand what?”

“What is you and what is me?

What is needed and what is not?

Imagine a world with perfection, a place where Evil doesn’t exist, perfection comes at a price, and the price is Evil, Just when you takes Evil out of the equation, I turn to Evil, to restore the balance in the force, to maintain the equation, and you born again, with a new face, a new Good”

“And again destroy you.” exasperated Evil

“How does killing his own brother justifies?”

“We are force my brother, and I can’t until you allow me, nor you until I allow you. You are not evil anymore my brother, you are the next good”

“I remember the moment I killed you last, I remember the sufferings, the pain of killing you. I never wanted to be Evil, but the bloodlust after killing you just hit my head like drug, I can’t get above it” Evil cited politely

“I remember everything”

“It’s time to battle”hellish_fight_by_defected_angel.jpg

“I want a glorious death, my brother” Cited Evil in awe

“You’ll served, what you deserve my brother”

Good charged furiously with his sword, the blood oozes out of the mouth

It’s one stroke end

Or Just another beginning………………..

Shubham Kumar Bharti

PS : None of Images & Pictures are Mine



Freelance Writer/ Blogger, Production & Journalism Student, Bachelor in Mass Communication - Guru Jambheshwar University

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