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Shiva Trilogy: Things We Can Learn From

  1. Faith conqueror all

It isn’t the legend itself, it was faith, in Neelkanth that nourishes Neelkanth.

  1. Karma Matter

Shiva didn’t believe about past karma but he always believe in present.

  1. Problem? – Find Yourself

Shiva has to locate evil all by himself.

  1. Solution

Automatically comes out then.

  1. Good is Evil

“What is the next greater good and when will it become evil.”

Evil doesn’t popup it’s always there.

  1. Universe Maintain Balance

Sum of equation is always equal to zero. If we remove Good before the time or after the, it creates instability.

  1. Two faces of coinAngry-Lord-Shiva-Tandav-Desktop-Image-HD.jpg

‘Somras’ or anything in world has both impacts good and evil. Find the good and you may reach evil.

  1. Truth is impactful

Ganesh & Kali turn up the whole story.

  1. Love comes from respect

There is a difference between respect and protect.

  1. Don’t give up

“Where’s the damn somras? I’ll save you Sati.”

  1. Opposite attracts

Anandmayi and Parvateswar are perfect couple.

  1. “Stoicism can Be Irritating

Ganesh “Said Kali

  1. “Anger is enemy control it!”
  2. There is your truth & my truth. Nothing is called as universal truth.


  1. Delusion create the most compelling belief.
  2. One can’t allow a bad to arrest, the wheel of karma

You simply can’t arrest, arresting is also a karma.

  1. There is always a winner and a loser

It’s a fact there is, Devas was loser to Asuras/Ahuras

  1. Sometimes for the sake of larger good, one has to do something that might not appear right at a time

god_s_pain__part_2____sati_dies_and_shiva_cries_by_bhargav08-d9a4fii.jpg“I’ll avenge you”…….Pashupatiashtra …..

  1. You should do, what needs to be done.

‘Dharma matih udgitah’ Dhrama is that which is we judged by your mind.


Synopsis: The Oath Of The Vayuputra ………………. Will out soon.

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