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Synopsis: The Secret Of The Nagas

Shiva is on run to find Nagas and destroy the evil. In chase with Nagas Shiva found a coin having two river and a crescent moon. After victory over Chandravansi (Immortals of Meluha). Shiv declared Daksha emperor of India. He come to know about Chandravansi’s believe in legend Of Neelkanth. He investigate about the Nagas & the Coin in Ayodhya, Every ball, point in the same direction, Kashi.

Kashi :

Book Cover

Shiva understand that the truth of coin abode in Kashi. & Bhranga. Entourage moved to Kashi.The King of Kashi was a true believer of the  Neelkanth. He offered Shiva the kingdom. Kashi was made temporary home by Shiva. Sati gave birth to Kartika. Divodas, Leader of Bhranga clan residing in Kashi Told Shiva about the plague & aid received by Nagas.With the help of Divodas Shiva finally reach Bhranga, Leaving Sati in Kashi.

Bhranga & Prashuram:

“I can’t tell you about Nagas, unless you find a different source for medicine” cited King of Bhranga. Shiva found an alternative ‘Parshuram’, a bandit. Who can make the same drug that Nagas do.

Kali, Ganesh & Sati

In Kashi, Sati planned to assassinate the Tigress & Liger by herself. In the course intrepid Nagas join the fight. Liger was out! Sati confront the truth about Kali & Ganesh. They all Returned to Kashi.

Shiva’s Hunt Stopped

Shiva returned to Kashi. Sati told about Kali & Ganesha. Shiva went impatient to meet Sati’s sister & His new son. Shiva identifies the Naga “YOUR SON KILLED BRAHASPATI” screamed Shiva

In Search of Truth

Daksha hasty appearance breaching protocol leave Shiva bewildered. Shiva want answer. Why?     Daksha in silence followed by haughtiness “You did this, You Choreographed This (…) Bhrigu was right. Those Vasudevs have control over you”

Next Stop Panchvati:

Ganesha finally agreed to tell The Secret of Nagas to Shiva. On way To Panchvati, Entourage was attacked. General ‘Parvateshwar’ & Prince ‘Bhagirath’ scrutiny the ships for the traces of an unknown enemy.

Brahaspati’s comeback

Shiva is in the school for The Secret of the Nagas headed towards Library. “The secret is not a Thing, It’s a Man” cited Kali. It was Brahaspati. The secret was Brahaspati

To be continued……..

(The Oath of the Vayuputas)

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