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Jugad : A part of being Indians

“भाई कोई जुगाड़ कर दे यार ।”,”यार उधर अपना जुगाड़ चलता है ।” 

Jugad, a word that inherited in Indian, But  Do you know where it came from ? Or How does it originate ?

Let me tell you a fact. It’s a pure Indian word, But, The meaning changed slightly over a period,
Traces came back from the sanskrit word ‘yojan’ ie alignment, from there it’s became ‘yug’ alignment in respect to time and then ‘jug’. After a while  jug (on 18th birthday 😂😂) turn to jugad ie,alignment or ‘setting’ to get materialistic or abstract desire.However, it was having a positive meaning earlier, unfortunately due to used vaguely after, it started carrying a negative meaning

करले जुगाड़ करले, करले कोई जुगाड़ ।



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