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Synopsis: Immortals Of Meluha

India has been rich vis-à-vis literature since primordial time. In 2010 again, Amish Tripathi popup with his debut The Shiva Trilogy, including Immortals of Meluha, The Secret Of The Nagas & The Oath Of The Vayuputra.

Book Cover

Amish recreation of the Indian deity The Lord Shiva is impeccable. It’s a journey of the man who was unaware of his destiny, To be a Lord,To be a Savior.

The   orange sky declaring a sunset of Shiva’s misery  & Dawn of the new story.”The gunas, Shiva’s tribe are in  confrontation with The pakrati for survival. So, Shiva finally agreed on Nandi’s offer to check in Meluha, unaware of everything.

Iridescent blue neck :

Shiva was bewildered, Unable to explicate.”He has come,Neelkantha has come”Shiva baffled on Nandi’s word.The legend was kept secret from  Shiva  until he  reached Devagiri.

God’s abode :

On way to Devagiri, Shiva met Sati,(His love), battle with Nagas & Came to know about Nandi’s unusual age.At Devagiri, He got some answers about Nandi’s age as Somras & The Ledgend Of The Neelkanth, The destroyer of evil. Shiva  misled by daksha,Father of Sati & Emperor of Meluha.Shiva decided to visit Mount Mandar, The manufacturing area for somras.

Vikarma :

Vikarma are forsaken group, claimed as doing penance for their past lives sin. Shiva didn’t  understand the motive of the law .Sati was also a vikarma.Later Vikarma law was changed by Neelkanth.

Shiva’s Marriage  & Attack on Mount Mandar

Shiva and Sati gets married after the amendment In law.Brihaspati, Cheif scientist of Mount Mandar , Friend Of shiva leave for Mount Mandar

Attack on Mount Mandar :

Nagas attack on Mount Mandar with Daivi astra’s & destroys Mount Mandar.On Hard bong, Shiva  realized about Brihaspati. There’s a view of massacre  in Mount Mandar, Nagas were alleged for attack. Shiva found  aum (OM) symbol of the Nagas there.

Battle with Chandravanshi :

Shiva was flummoxed  didn’t know what to do again Daksha silver tounge, persuaded Shiva to battle for Meluha against Chandravanshi claiming Chandravanshi ally with Nagas ,Shiva’s Persuasive speech  about.Har  Har Mahdev ! Unleash the innermost zeal of every Meluhan warriors at the battle field Leading to victory.But, By the time Shiva realised, There were no Nagas. Amid Story Shiva also met Vasudevs various time,A group of intellectuals,who broaden the perspective of Shiva  vis-à-vis locating Evil

To be continued …..

(The Secret of the Nagas)



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