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Accent : An approach to words 

“Nice American accent”,”Bro ! Your accent is great”,”You’ll love the Bihari accent

Do you really know what is accent ?  Agh! I know,  A few are there. But,I don’t until I realised there is something wrong, Something that keep stucking all the time, wasn’t sure about what’s right but pretty sure what’s  wrong ? Then,I get to know When you pronounce wrong it’s mispronunciation, when enough people do it, it’s an accent though it was a soul satisfying statement  but, I need a fact to be Einstein. So I start digging deep down to core.

Late 14th century two words Acent & Accentus French & Latin respectively pronounced as ‘Ad-chantus’ ie, To chant, To sing but, due to Greek influence over language transformed it’s meaning. Chant means An art  over emphasis, tone, Stress.

After 1972, Accent sum up The meaning of stress, tone & emphasis on syllable for a particular word.It means way of approach towards words & How you deliver it, to your audience. Yeah ! You understand correctly. It’s not about American accent or British accent but every one has unique, their own accent. Something other couldn’t mimeo completely.



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