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Balochistan & All You Need To Know

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reference to Balochistan in his Independence Day speech signals a drift towards Indo-Pak-Kashmir relation.

I am greatful to the people of Balochistan,gilgit & Pok who has thanked me few days in the past. (…)The time has come for Pakistan to answer the world on atrocities against the people in balochistan & Pok,Says Narendra Modi

from the dais of 70th Indian Independence day hosting from Red Fort, New Delhi

Reaction & Repercussions :

The event stir the International & national tranquility & politics respectively

“It was violation of UN Charter”, Cited Nafees Zakaria, Pakistan foreign ministry spokesperson.Added, Allegation on India’s involvement in the unrest of Balochistan.Nafees also said that, To hide it’s own dispute in Kashmir, Mr.Modi raised the issue internationally

Meanwhile, Congress supported PM Narendra Modi, isolating by the remarks of Salman Khursid,Senior  leader “party didn’t subscribe to personal opinion of Mr.Khursid”,said Randeep Surjewala.Khursid says “Pok is our right(…)but bringing balochistan,you(modi) are running our case” 

What’s the issue ?

Balochistan was the west most extension of Indus valley civilization having 32 district   populated with 13 billion population (Mostly Balochi) and native language as Farsi

In 1947, after Independence when British announced a state to be an autonomous body, Makran, Las Bela, Karan & Kalat refused to join Pakistan & formed a new state, After enjoying a cheerful year of independence Pakistan intrude in their territory forcibly. After 1948, Pakistan exploit the Balochi through various military operations conducted in 1958-1959, 1962-1963, 1973 & 1977.

140 killing amid of June 2010 – May 2011 reported in July 2011 by human rights commission Pakistan

“The surge in the unlawful killing of suspected, militants and opposite figure in Baluchistan has taken brutal in the province to an unpredicted level“ cited Bard Adams, Asia Director of Human Rights

Geo-economic Importance

In1947 after submerging four princely states,about 44% of Pakistan is Baluchistan

It is highly affluent in terms of minerals, uranium, petrol, copper & natural gas .Pakistan couldn’t afford to let that go. Apart, It was proposed to build an economic corridor from Deep water port of Gwadar to city of Kashgar, trading hub in western Chinese region of Xinjiang of $46Billion. Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is also to lead tough the Baluchistan.

Writer’s Appoach :

Pakistan might try to make peace with Blochi or surge their territory forcibly by militants. But the trick to drive the gaze of International forum on Pakistan internal issue might relax the bong on Kashmir one  .



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