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A Night Before Examination

Examination, a word that haunts the student and rip the heart out of the throat; sometimes. But we all know, we have to face it. No matter how difficult it going to be. As far as my concern tomorrow I am going to face it and from my heart’s corner, I really don’t want to.

29419_plainHere I am playing with my smiley ball and writing. How am I going to get passed (I am sure you have been asking the same before yours exam, don’t you?) I don’t think any miracle is going to happen nether almighty Gods are going to give it. So what should I do? Study, nah! That’s not a good option to wake up whole night wasting my time with books. Isn’t it would be better just to pray to god and get passed. However, I even didn’t decided that too.  Then an idea popups to play Ouija (A Sprit based game) I already have two candles and created a look-a-like board and switched off the light. I thought it would be awesome to be in andownload.jpg environment that simulates fear. Oh!  I forgot to mention it wasn’t even 7 hour to get rid of the ‘The conjuring 2’ (In which I successfully wasted my 3 hours because of the hoax of dying 30 people while watching it). The whole idea was to simulates fear one way or another

If I go through the timeline it might would be thirty passed one and the sandman wasn’t here at all but the fear is. And this one overcomes the other one. And the idea works. I am fully awake to waste my time so, I come up with some question to ask for like

  • Will I get passed in exam?
  • How much marks would I obtained? Etc.

I am done with all of them.  So decided to say bye, and I do.

I spent my whole night fully awake after burning the board and took a nap with book at approximately 4 ‘o’ clock

p.s. : These Images doesn’t belong to me



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