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Journey to Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh

Everything is planned, Bags packed, ready to go.  Left my home for Hauz Khas metro station to catch up bus on my schedule time. In my entire life I never used bus for a long journey preferably, so I reached earlier to Kashmiri Gate ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminus) as expected, Little too early. As Whole trip is unpredictable, I am much excited about the whole new experience.

Stress vibes can be felt even you are passing by, each man has a different problem. “Hath upar karo aur saman udhar” suddenly sound stuck on my ear, it was the check post officer. Oh! I am about to enter the ISBT, YEP! did it. ISBT Kashmere Gate DelhiAs I enter I see a long queue asking for tickets, Then just realized, I ruined the fun, by booking my ticket online however, find the other way to do it so , At least I have to enquire about my bus. I start moving towards platform 19-20 as instructed by HRTC enquire officer. It is 8:00 pm and the bus is going to arrive at 9:15 so, what to do? I decided to take a look at place and keep myself safe from pocket pickers and snatcher too. Moving from left to right, I found something written on wall extraordinary “gadhe ke put, yaha mat muth” (son of donkey, don’t urinate) but that is useless for idiots who still do the dont’s

Its 9:30 and I got my Window seat and some travel mates for entire journey. After fifteen minutes, the bus left the ISBT and the ‘suffer’(ing) begins. Roads are clear so do the sky. Leaving Delhi and roving on bus gifted me mixed feeling.”Bhaiya thora kidki piche kar du” It is the boy seating next to me. “Yes! Of course” I answered as felling little bit of cold although, I enjoyed the lighting surrounded the city. The blanket covering provides a unique inseparable glare can be imagined. Soon the light started fading revels that we are on outskirts, and the bus is about to stop for dinner.54063068.everybodyhomeonacoldfoggydelhinite_2237.jpg As expected it do after a while, and we got half an hour to devour ourselves I was starving since the beginning so, I decided to have some food, but having a luggage and some money accompanied with prejudiced advice of my friend on how to travel in bus. I have to carry rig along with myself. After 30 minutes, we’re ready to hit the road again.

I already planned my way to enjoy on road, ‘4g’-check ‘Battery’-check ‘Power bank’-check, so I plug- in my headphone, max the volume, tuned the track and sits back comfortably .suddenly I realize the air striking, makes me shiver, I haven’t carrying any blanket but I looked up for anything that could cover me up. Fortunately, I have a towel enough to protect me. Everything fades slowly, slowly then all at once. But still alert towards the surrounding. Suddenly I felt bus isn’t in motion.images So, I looked up for my phone. Oh! Here I go. Its 4: 15. I asked the driver if we had reached “yes!” he answered  Then I asked for direction for ‘Dattowal’ “ take left and keep forward”  I  do the same  to reach my relatives who was fully unaware of my arrival. ‘BAM! , Knock-Knock ‘“Aare tum! , iti raat ko “and BOMBARDAING of question of my face but I managed to greet as per Indian tradition and decided to take a nap .





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