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५ वर्ष सरकार लिखूँ …

क्या बात लिखूँ

बेबाक़ लिखूँ,

मंदिर मस्जिद वोट नोट में

५ वर्ष सरकार लिखूँ …

वोट दिया तो नोट लिया

फिर GST का चोट दिया

इकॉनमी पर दोहरी मार दे

गला सभी का घोंट दिया

जब आए थे तब गाये थे

रंगीन सपने दिखाये थे

अच्छे दिन आएँगे

यह कह कर सबको बहलाये थे

की लाख टके की बात थी

क्या ख़ाक टके की बात थी

कश्मीर से कन्यकुमारी

तक बस अपनी बकवास की

ना दंड दिया ना रोज़गार दी

बस यही सबसे बड़ी मार दी

वोट – नोट के फेर में

मंदिर मस्जिद की दीवार दी

स्कीम बड़े से लाए थे

बस काग़ज़ तक पहुँचा पाए थे

उज्ज्वला, उड़ान, और कौशल विकास कह

लाल क़िले से गाए थे

हक़ीक़त मालूम कुछ और हुई

बल्ब मिले, बिजली नहीं

ऐयरपोर्ट खुले, फ़्लाइट नहीं

और विकास हुआ, नौकरी नहीं

बुल्लेट ट्रेन का ज्ञान दिया

स्टैचू अव यूनिटी का नाम दिया

भारतीय रेल के परिचालन में

देर – देर से काम किया

रेल ऐक्सिडेंट में लोग मरे

पुल गिरने से यही परिणाम हुआ

यू॰पी में बच्चों के ऑक्सिजन पर कोहराम हुआ

फिर सिरसा देखा हमने तो

देखा ना कैसा काम हुआ

हम मध्य प्रदेश भी घूमे थे

महाराष्ट्र के क़िस्से भी सुने थे

मराठा आरक्षण के खेल भी

इन कानो में गूँजे थे

आरक्षण के आग में लोगों ने बसो को फूकें थे

हर शहर में जब ये काम हुआ

जब जब यह देश बदनाम हुआ

क्या आपके कान सूने थे

या आपने सबकुछ सुने थे

सर्जरिकल स्ट्राइक भी मालूम हुई

जब वाहवाही लूटी थी

वोट नोट के फेर में

इसकी इज़्ज़त भी लूटी थी

भारत बंद की मार मिली

यह कैसी सी सरकार मिली

वोट नोट के फेर में

जनता को तो बस हार मिली

लोग है अब जो जग रहे

नेता सब डर कर भाग रहे

२०१९ के चुनाव में

लोगों ने है अब ठान लिए

अब एक बार फिर बारी है

वोटों पर मार मारी है

टूटी दरकार के फ़ैसले की

२०१९ में बारी है ।

– शुभम कुमार भारती

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How Much Do You Really Know About Android Oreo Update?

Being a user of Android from the days of Froyo and watching it changing over time was quite mesmerizing. Android has gone through a lot of changes and has come up with way too good features in the latest android Oreo update. From the Major one, ‘The Lollipop update’, Which introduced the materiel design to android world, to the most hyped PIP features of android Oreo Updates. But there are still some important features that android natively lacks. Oreo might have introduced penalty of feature like. PIP, Autofill & Instant Apps. Weighing the pros and cons of android Oreo update would be awesome.

So, let’s see how much do you know about your Android Oreo Update?


PIP or Picture in Picture: This Was the most hyped features since the android Oreo release PIP Gives the user an immense capability of multitasking. It enables user to use seamlessly up to 3 tasks. Earlier user was able up to 2 tasks in Split Window Mode I.e. Introduced in nougat.

Substratum Theming Support: Theming was introduced by several developers earlier. With the android Oreo Update Now. You Can also theme your device with Andromeda backend and Substratum App.

Autofill & Instant Apps: Autofill & Instant apps are most Snappy features till now. Autofill Helps to login third party apps easily, if your password is already Saved with the chrome. It also enhanced the integration with Password Manages apps. On other hand Instant apps lets you try the app right from the chrome Browser Without Installing them to your device. Quite Snappy? Huh!

On the other hand of Weighing android Oreo feature. These are the feature that android Natively Lacks or aren’t Up to mark

Audio Latency: Android has an issue of audio latency from a long Time. It also that has negatively affected the reputation of Android among music creators. Many professional preferred to work on iOS devices rather than android. with the latest android oreo update this issue has worsen.

Gesture: Cool Right! Everyone loves gesture, as they are simple and easy to use. But, gesture is part of custom rom and rom implemented by another supergiant. It’s a feature that android yet Natively lacks of

File Sharing: Sharing photos, videos. music or any other file on Android devices is a mess. Sure, apps are workaround but there’s not a unified method of sharing your favorites to your bestie. The best Available way to share file is by using Android Beam, which is pretty limited and requires device to tap.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Android oreo Update, Audio latency as and features that android Oreo update lacks as cons and Several newly implemented features and the under the hood changes. We expect an android 9.0 would fix these issues and will be better version of android.

What do you love about oreo and issues you are facing in your android version Comment Down Below.

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Vandalism of thoughts and democracy

‘Secular’ means freedom to practice any religion. As per Article 25 of Indian Constitution, those who reside in India are free to follow any religion, subject to public order and morality. Also, Article 23 claims No Discrimination on basis of gender, caste or religion. That’s all ends with the last page of the constitution and our school Textbooks.

31-Loya_5When reality hits you with a bomb, you no longer feel there isn’t discrimination. It feels like, you’re discriminated on daily basis. Just like you smoke, Only here you don’t want to.

Day-to-day discrimination

Gender policing: In our day-to-day life, we do face discrimination. In my opinion Gender policing is too, a kind of discrimination.

Suggesting certain work to person cause they possess certain gender isn’t sound feasible Or blaming/forcing a particular gender, in general over a certain case such as Rape or Crying in public remains same.

Reservations: Why do we need it in every aspect, section & territory, for Vote politics. It was started on a different note and with the change of time the whole parameters, the dimensions have changed. Instead of making able human resources, reservations are making disabled human resources. Just to acknowledge, notwithstanding caste, a person who scores Better, is better in every aspect then a person who isn’t. Making able means providing basic education. it doesn’t mean liberation in the entrance test, Jobs and Promotions. Once they aren’t able to crack examination even after head-start. Either they aren’t into education or as per their eligibility they aren’t qualified enough. Even though, training them is the loss of resources for disabled human resources. Notwithstanding, I am in support of reservations but not the way it is executed or the parameters they are based on. India is in desperate need of strict Reservation framework rather than Vote politics and calling ‘Bharat Band’.

I agree that Ambedkar did what best for the nation at that time. But the time has changed. And change is universal. The reason we have the process of amending constitution.

Religion: Secular, free to follow any religion. Sounds good, right. But the reality is far more beyond. No Matter you follow what? , You are a majority of a minority, you’ll be criticized. but with a difference as per current Indian scenario, if you’re a minority. Media supports and if you’re a majority ‘saffron terrorism’.


Coming back to Vandalism

Vandalism of thoughts: Vandalism means, deliberate destruction to public or private property. Today thoughts are as vandalized as the statue of Lenin & Ambedkar, I.e. total annihilation by various Media groups.

Thoughts play an important part in society. It can decorate or deteriorate the society. In today’s scenario, thoughts are so vandalized they’re causing trouble in society and clashes among ourselves hence, Vandalizing democracy.

Instead of co- federalism we seek for self-growth, which is great but things don’t operate this way in the long run. Looking closely, we aren’t actually vandalizing the statue. We vandalized the aura of thought that statue possesses. The key here his discrimination on basis of caste. Cause we associate everything with caste and religion. Our sentiment is no better than soapstone.

Progressive India

India-Gate-68167.jpgIndia is a progressive country. But Elimination of castism couldn’t possible in a snap. And, ended fighting among ourselves could get us nowhere except decelerating the growth Progressive India

Settling down, Discrimination Starts with us. So do ends with us. No textbook, No constitution can change the thoughts that we possess and thought posses to Change The Society.

I Might be a Bad Writer but, Please Follow Me.

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WWE Stars Cena & Bella announced Split

The article was originally Planned For UC News. Due to Unexpected Delay Here It Is.

WWE is always been unpredictable. Everything happens with a snaps. So did, Last year’s WrestleMania moment. The official proposal of Five Knuckle Shuffle to Nikki Bella at the grand stage of WrestleMania. And Three weeks ahead they were decided to be one’s another forever.

But, the things don’t turn out well today, as they announced the Split on Twitter.

“While this decision was a difficult one, we continue to have a great deal of love and respect for one another, “Bella tweeted

After, Twitter gets filled with the various Tweets announcing Breakup of these two Superstars. John also Instagrammed “Worst day ever” after split. and Twitter ninjas couldn’t handle it